Scitec Macatron – information about the testosterone booster

macatron-testosteron-hormonboosterScitec nutrition has brought an interesting new product on the market with the Macatron.
A matrix of 13 ingredients complementary ensures an increase in testosterone and libido. It also avoids that estrogen into testosterone is converted.

Besides DAA (D-aspartic acid) as the main active ingredient still maca, extract, are included in the Macatron important vitamins and minerals.

Maca is best known to us as an aphrodisiac, it is used even today in the Peruvian Andes. There is also still very popular because of the mood-enhancing effects. As another herbal extract Fenusiden ™, the and active ingredients interesting for athletes, yet fenugreek is however included in test furnace ® proprietary form with at least 50%.

In bodybuilding circles, fenugreek is known already for a long time, because in him over 100 phytochemical substances are contained, including steroider saponins and Furostanol saponins. Test oven ® you can give fresh impetus to his sex life, it is increasing pleasure and also the construction and the maintenance of muscle mass.

Strength athletes want to avoid in any case, is a conversion of testosterone to estrogen. For this reason, yet boron and Quercetin are included in the Macatron. Mangosteen also will prevent a conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

The nettle of Ligane in the Macatron ensure that more free testosterone in the body at disposal. Free testosterone is the active form of testosterone in our bodies.

Nettle root extract should be used as far as possible always together with saw Palm extract which is also included in the product.Vitamin B5 supported then the synthesis and metabolism of steroid hormones, vitamin B6 is responsible for a reduction of tiredness and fatigue and also contributes to the regulation of hormonal activities. A function in cell division has still vitamin D, it also contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function. Scitec has integrated in the Macatron therefore zinc, zinc is also important for the testosterone levels and for a normal fertility.

Combine you can the Macatron for example with all pre-workout products and also with Tribulus products that contain only Tribulus and no other ingredients that are already included in the Macatron.

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Summary: Scitec Macatron
Package contents: 108 capsules
Servings per container: 27
A portion (4 capsules) contain:
Vitamin B5 1.8mg 30%
Vitamin B6 0.84mg 60%
Vitamin D3 5mcg 100%
Zinc 6mg 60%
BOR 3.6mg **
Quercetin dihydrate 100mg **
“Macatron” complex
(D-aspartic acid, nettle extract, maca powder, Avena extract, test oven ® fenugreek extract, mangosteen extract, saw palmetto extract)
2400mg **

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