Muscle through hard training

kraftaufbau-tippsI never wanted to be the type of bodybuilder, which although has a good physique and a hot body that is there but weak. I wanted to be neither the Powerlifters, expresses extreme weights, but is equipped with a vague figure. The one without the other makes no sense to me. Be as strong as you look and so muscular, like the weights, you can press the…

A strength athlete, especially someone who wants to take up any illegal anabolic steroids, should as a training target muscle have.Man is programmed to a specific size of homeostatic regarding weight and muscle mass. To move the individual limits and achieving a significant muscle, the body must be moved through hard training under severe stress and are exposed to constant new strain increases. As a result, the increase in muscle mass for the body is a critical component of survival.

Below a few lessons I’ve learned over the years, principles which ensure continuous development of the physique, the muscle building basics…

Muscle structure and variation

Each exercise works, each repetition range is effective, each training philosophy is justifiable. Even if the human body is an amazingly complicated, extremely adaptable construction, the process of muscle building is quite simple. Overload your muscles in a targeted, tiring and unique way. Then make for the supply of adequate nutrients (especially, protein) and sufficient time for regeneration to optimize the growth stimulus for the muscles. To understand the argument, one must know that the muscle tissue is already impressive, what concerns the stupidity. The brain can make a nuclear fission product in thoughts of chocolate pudding, the muscles can only grow and adapt – easy and simple.

The fine filaments that run through a red or white muscle fiber, can Doggcrap training not by “dog shit” and “Heavy Duty Training” not by “heavy metal music” are different. You know only muscle fatigue and pain, relaxation and regeneration. Use this arsenal, to get the best from your ways out. Make sure that none of the equipment and dumbbells in your Studio dust comes in. Train to the bodybuilding ethos, if you’re really serious and train as hard as possible. Super sets, drop rates, circuit training. Barbells, dumbbells, weight equipment and cable cross. Each repetition with maximum weight up to rates with 50 repetitions. Everything looks and very good, but none of the listed acts for good. Watch your muscles, train hard, test your endurance. Be efficient, consistent and unbiased. In this sense, strength training is the anti-philosophy of normal training. Is the only training style with which I can identify me, hard training. The only training system, which I think the loyalty is that what helps me to build muscle mass.


Not a healthy weight gain, without structural integrity

Training aids such as weight lifting belt, wrist and knee braces exist for one reason. Contrary to popular belief, we are not inviolable. I go to hard on the 30 and run bodybuilding for over 12 years now. I leave out any training session, work it out so even friends, how many training sessions in the years together have come. Train just long enough and you have to endure the violation of one or the other about you. At the latest at the time you have thought about whether injuries in bodybuilding are also preventable.

It’s no justification for the guy who is on the treadmill or the Stairmaster with weight lifting belt and gloves. Below a few situations in which the use of tools makes sense. Leg and back days, I use a weight lifting belt for the hardest compound exercises. Also during the exercise “Presses back standing” neglected by many, I use a belt to the stabilization of the lumbar area. The wrist bandages are the only other remedy that I use regularly. I use the drums for all serious press exercises for the chest and shoulder muscles and a part of my arm training. You must be woke up often enough in the morning only after hard workouts with aching joints, which feels like a cement truck it would be rolled. At the latest, you will test even bandages as a tool.

So live to the next day still hard to train

The only training session which is so important for me like that where I am, is my next one. Resistance and the ability for weeks, to spend months and years effective workouts, is the most important element to overcome personal limitations and plateaus. To achieve that, you have to train intelligent. Listen to your body, even if this phrase is a cliche. There is no excuse for missing use, should not be exaggerated but also it, especially as regards the juxtaposition of high-intensity workouts in the maximum field.

Attempts to avoid injuries, do alternating weeks with heavy weights and low number of repetitions and weeks with high reps with lower weights. You should let his ego at the door of the Studio. While the normal fitness thinks athletes about it, how high is the weight that I can now move I deal with this, how much I can press tomorrow. While the guy next to me compares himself with me, I compare with regard to my current level of performance and where I can stand next week probably me only. It only matters what you personally to make are able and not that, what do your training partner.

Training – heavy is relative

100, 150, 200kg. Yes, these brands mean for bodybuilders like us very much. They are but just figures. Blaming me for itself but also on the Gewichtshype, if I’m waiting that someone tops weight in bench press, with which I could do 20 reps. It’s all relative. Hard training is important for muscle building. But hard training for you, hard training for me or hard training for Sam Byrd sure clearly differ in numbers. From an experimental point of view, it is exactly the same. What makes for real muscle building, hurts. There’s no other choice. It’s pretty scary. Ensures the cold sweat. It stressing out your organs, feels as if you pull your insides out of your backside. If you press 200 kg and not feel, as if you about to die, then you do not hard train enough.

Explosive training

Explosiveness! Blow up old workout habits, to stimulate new muscle growth.


Sometimes you must change also proven, to generate new growth. Do the “fast-twitch muscle machine” with the following techniques from friends.

Get me wrong: I am grateful that I injury-free was allowed to practise training for 15 years bodybuilding. In this time I have to build a lot of muscle mass. As with most athletes, the point at which the progress stagnated came sometime but also for me.

My training goals have also changed, I wanted to be not more just as bulky, but functionally athletic and austrainiert. Only lots I was no longer good enough, I wanted to be also hard and fully trained.

When I began to change my training, I had to give up my habits incurred over the years only. The habits were not
necessarily bad; they formed the basis for my muscle building and the development of my General physique many years. With the change from pure bodybuilding, the old training plans slowed my development but a more general athletic training, training.

We train all for different reasons, but in the long run, most want to get a better body through strength training. If you now not come with your old workout habits in this way, it is time to change your training. The following training tips should help you bring fresh wind in your training.

Old training habit: slow movements – new training approach: explosive speed training

For many years I bracing weights with a slow, steady pace, so that I could feel a tension in muscle continuously during the movement. The concept was simple – if I can feel my muscles, then they grow more. To get more variation in my training, I have executed sometimes extremely slow movement, so I for the lifting and lowering of the weight each 10 seconds. have required.

Thus I was quite wrong!

A problem with the very slow exercises, you can train really hard. Often, I’ve been training with very light weights (I’m a little embarrassed to say how easily (or pink) the dumbbells were real). Also, it has the disadvantage that not the maximum number of motor units will be recruited at very slow movements. Instead, it uses the slow twitch (slow-twitch) muscle fibers, the smallest and the hardest-to-grow muscle percentage. A strength training with very slow movements provides not for a high general performance increase.


When you saw the last time a power float, which is cradle like a snail? I can imagine also, no baseball player who swings his baseball bat extremely slow, if he wants to make a home run or a MMA fighter, kick extra slowly executing a roundhouse, he senses a continuous voltage thus in his leg. No, the most athletic movements are explosive, wild and fast.

It’s no surprise that athletes who use explosive sports, generally had the athletischten body, hard, dangerous, and deadly. No matter from what angle, explosive athletes are seen, they could very quickly kick in the ass. This is the definition of explosive power – the ability to apply dominant power very quickly.

My training goal changed so that I wanted to look not more just lots. My new “aesthetic” training goal, I wanted to achieve an extremely athletic physique. To look like an athlete who runs an explosive sport, you must learn first how it performs fast and explosive movements. No slow movements children weights and more. Instead is heavy and explosive training. When you lift a weight quickly, then the fast twitch (fast-twitch) muscle fibers are recruited. The muscle percentages which are most heavily represented in the body, where the size growth is possible and the hardest contract.

It is crucial, how fast to runs the movement, but the will as soon as possible to move the weight, is extremely important. The will as quickly as possible to lift a weight, prompts muscle percentages in the movement are not used when not is trained with maximum effort. You wish more muscle shares during any exercise, you get stronger. We all know what happens when you become stronger – this is the best basis for a stately building of muscle.

Here, you can try to increase movement speed for all your exercises. The only exercise you should be careful with, is the Deadlift. You should not too quickly lift on the barbell from the floor, because this can lead to a great pressure on the back. Instead of so raise the barbell off the ground, you should start slowly and only when the barbell happens the knee upwards, you should run the last part of the motion explosive.

The great rest of the exercises if you on fast, concentric (positive part) movements focus.

The best training at high speed, the overall intensity of your training will be increased. This in turn causes that the natural release of testosterone and HgH is increased. These important hormones strongly support the muscle.

Also stimulated by fast training of the metabolism strong, which leads to a higher calorie consumption both during and after the training. This metabolism puts the body into a “fat burning mode”, holds up to 48 h after the training session.

How often and long should you exercise muscle -?

How often and long should you train as a bodybuilder?
That’s the big question at the bodybuilding. The various rumours about the optimum training frequency and duration are circulating. Read further if you want to know the truth about the optimal training frequency and see whether you can or not confirm that from personal experience.

This article is be controversial no doubt because the theme of training frequency one issues is the most talked-about bodybuilding. How often should you exercise during the week? Along with the questions “how much should you eat?” and “What exercises are the best for bodybuilding?”.

The speech is here but the training frequency and knocking at the door not only, I sprinkle them with the statement “you can build significantly on muscle mass if you a muscle group – let’s friends on the lips melt – once per month are training.” Best you write yourself once again that friends, so that you can better process this statement.

Optimal training frequency – the rumors

There are dark rumors in bodybuilding insiders. Whispered, but never loudly pronounced. Rumor has it that the sizes of sports and sports nutrition industry not are interested in that the masses had great success bodybuilders at leisure, since they are otherwise out of business.

If athletes are not extremely building, then the industry can rely on, that they can sell their new ‘miracle products’ in terms of muscle or muscles to grow even faster to let a new training device.

Bodybuilders using effective training systems, can build massive body. Who really has muscle, doesn’t necessarily need the latest development on the soup item market. In addition, these athletes are usually better informed. It’s also bad for high sales figures.

Bodybuilder who know the truth, wonder often, as it is used by countless training articles in the classic bodybuilding magazines have blinded. This is but only, of course, since we are the naive opinion that everything bodybuilding books in the famous glossy, must conform to the truth and us to bring in our sport to the front.

We want most as possible build muscle mass fast. Many bodybuilding magazines print long training plans with countless different exercises into their training rubrics. These do not act properly beginners, but also the most advanced but for bodybuilding. Sure, a volume training works in the first weeks of training, the training plan is new to the body. As a result, that many athletes in the event and the training volume by week to week is increasing.

Actually most build bodybuilding beginners but not really on with these training plans and buy next month for monthly magazines and Sportnahrungs products. You are trapped in this cycle of misinformation and solid lies.

Anyone who himself dares to speak the truth is attacked (such as Mike Mentzer, to a known name) or simply suppressed the information. It has come now so far that you can believe little of what one reads, because often commercial interests behind the words. Of course all dark rumors…

Short, intensive training sessions

Short, high-intensity workouts provide the exclusive power, which tears the wall to reach your ultimate potential in bodybuilding.Short, sharp training sessions bring you quickly to the top. Athletes who follow the classical principles of training, then look really old against you.

It is certainly not the only way. There are many paths that lead to the top of the mountain. You can enjoy the view on a nice, leisurely walk, or you can bite your teeth together and Sprint to the top of the mountain. Sprint with me and the HIT training to the top! If it is enough not quite up to the peak, so definitely to fucking just before that.

Authors such as Mike Mentzer or even Stuart McRobert are of the view that this training method is the best way. There is only very little sportsmen, not exceptionally fast rebuild with this form of training ground. Because, if it was good enough for Dorian Yates and Menzer, why not for you?

The body responds almost identical to the training loads in all athletes who use this method of training. It is based on scientific evidence, how training affected the body development. If we were all so different, a research in the field of medicine or even the nutrition science would be useless.

Who long coached, trained with low intensity. Who coached too long, which hurts even the ability of the body to regenerate itself by training loads quickly. Also, from a muscle building workout plan , to make a strength endurance plan that makes you then but wiry (and provides the illusion that you’ve built muscles, even if this is only an optical illusion, since the muscles due to the reduction in fat are more visible) but not bulky.

Sure, there are exceptions, but this affects the genetic elite in which already muscle occurs when they look at only the weights. But we all are doomed to make more training than is good for us, because the bodybuilding mentality slightly ‘more is better’ shifts in that direction. This is still the most commonly used thesis.

No weight gain? Then you must take a more Sportnahrungs products or even anabolic steroids . You build up still no muscle mass?Then do you not long enough or do enough different exercises. Take more products, more effective steroids and you will achieve the desired muscle – which is like to told us!

The bodybuilding 3 x a week trained founding fathers, for one hour per workout. You no longer than 3-4 basic exercises for each muscle group, usually not more like 2 exercises per muscle group and usually made mostly sets and built it up to gigantic well.Hardcore supplements were still rarely used in this ‘Golden’ days of bodybuilding. Also, products such as proteins, amino acid tablets from beef liver and multivitamins were used base.

The “secret” was hard, short training and much healthy foods with adequate recovery. The bodybuilder had a good muscle building 30 years ago because they not exceeded by training loads to regenerate the body’s ability. The muscle groups, they called for short and hard training, could repair itself and respond to the stresses of training with hypertrophy (muscle growth).

In other words, there was no overtraining with you. Overtraining prevents any significant muscle growth. It is better to train rather too little. Yes, with anabolic steroids or other illegal substances can be sure longer work and achieve good results. But why is 50% satisfied with, if even 100% can be achieved by clever training?

Even with the use of anabolic steroids, there are limits what is possible on compensation of wrong training. An overtraining affects “chemically” supported bodybuilder. Overtraining is in any case a mass building killer.

Only when bodybuilding was a big business, when we were suddenly more and more different strength training machines in the former “iron Chambers”, the is now modern “fitness studios” called, as sport nutrition products were advertised in newly-created bodybuilding magazines, also the training plans were always more extensive and the training time is often doubled. From the supplement, authors who we informed in articles, that we could train longer by taking steroids have been sellers. From 2 exercises with 3 sets of 5 and more exercises with 5 sets were.

The people I know from my gym and which are most massigsten, exercise often very irregular. You are also often 4-5 times a week in the Studio, train but only very briefly, and meticulously ensure that no overtraining symptoms occur. Overtraining is more a metabolic problem, as a local in a single muscle group. It occurs when you überforderst the entire body.

Then check out a new training systems – no success

A top level competitive bodybuilders such as Agent X, unaufgewärmt with 50cm arms, these trained only once a week with a practice and 2 sentences. His best and quickest muscular gains him not less than 5 brought top 3 finishes and a first place at bodybuilding Championships, he had, as he trained only once every 9 days each part of the body for longer than only 20 minutes. How many of you spend so much time for just an exercise?

If something doesn’t work, what holds you then? It’s like in the Simpsons as Homer Moe asks how he should get out of the hole out that he has dug itself. MOE replies, “Dig further!”. Good luck with MOE. If you can, find no changes at the latest in monthly view, then you owe it yourself, it’s not progress. Change something on your system.

No further dig your hole and climb up the ladder. If something shows no effect, change it or start with fly-fishing, if it does not advance in bodybuilding. This article is no sermon, to give only to imagine, where you want to lead your way in bodybuilding. If what you’re currently at the training works, then let us change it together.

Have the confidence to make shorter, less frequent training sessions and you can soon reap the fruits. It happens only in your head, that decreases your muscle mass or you have no muscle growth at the same rate, how your workouts are fewer and shorter.

I am professionally strained and my family calls me also, so I often can’t get to the training, but still I have no muscle loss. As long as you healthy and balanced eating and clever work in the short remaining time out, nothing happens.

I always get letters from athletes that I report that only pruning their training plan has caused incredible successes. Nothing else, no steroids, fancy food strategies, just through less training.

Workout in the Fitness Studio

A study last year showed that 6 out of 10 people who have signed up in a fitness studio as a member, announced again 6 months.Perhaps it is in the interest of those, make the money with something, the people not the correct way to show how you should train.In most Studios I hear with still the rule 5 sets depending on repetition, in the last sentence work out 10-12 to the load termination and 3-4 exercises per body part.

Sure beginner with this type of training can build good bodybuilding muscle mass at the beginning, because athletes at the beginning of a strength training have always a muscle growth, no matter how they train. Later, they then think that it is no longer with the muscle growth, because the body is familiar with the training loads. Result, the one or the other set is made it in addition to the 20, making them already for the biceps.

It’s already cynical that despite so much information and recognized studies in terms of training planning and training frequency, still get the same shit happens and athletes are thus slowed down in their body development.

It happened not only into the bodybuilding industry, in many lines of business, money is earned by misinformation. Fear causes people to buy things, fear not to be part, afraid to stay back. PC repair services charge a fortune for repairs, you can with a little knowledge and car didactics easily could do.

Collect knowledge on the bodybuilding training and bodybuilding nutrition and you can be your own “boss”, be your own trainer, personalize your nutrition plans themselves and have ultimately the mass building you friends desired. Life is too short for unproductive ventures. A year in which you follow the wrong system when training, a year where you can have thought to also 5Kilo on muscle mass and 3 cm arm circumference, is simply just by less training.

Training only 1 x per week

Currently, I only 1 x train an athlete who can train only 1 x per week and his whole muscle groups in the month. He weighed barely 100kg, had 3 years of training experience in bodybuilding, the subsequent muscle gains are not so muscle growth, every bodybuilding has beginner, no matter how he trained initially. He had simply no time for more frequent training sessions.

He made then that, the best of every situation what do all great bodybuilder-, to achieve maximum muscle growth. In the past 3 years, he had won just over 2 kg of pure muscle mass to do so and lost 1.5 kg of body fat. Now, after 6 months training with only one body part per week, he was able to put 2 cm arm circumference and nearly 5 kg of muscle mass. To do this, he lost 2.5 kg of body fat. He now looks like a completely different person. Like a real bodybuilder-no doubt.

Imagine 5 kg of pure, extra muscle mass, you would look like. Now we have 10 athletes who train according to the system below.After 6 weeks, it comes up at all on the scale and they look great. All without anabolic steroids only through high-quality nutrition and selected key supplements.

The new mantra when it comes to bodybuilding training is “less is more!” This slogan was all books and magazine articles to replace, which still recommend 5 sets à 10-12 repetitions is the key for fast muscle mass building.

Sure belongs to the muscles to demand extremely hard but the rule of thumb is – train up on BB´s blood, to reach muscle failure, but to reach that in so little time and so little exercises, and records as possible. Then out of the Studio, dining and relaxation are then announced. It’s really that simple, but it is extremely difficult to reduce the scope of your training the most bodybuilders.

The training plan – 1 training per week

Following the training plan of the athlete who was able to build gigantic 4.8 kg muscle mass in 182 days.

Training week 1: Back and biceps

-1 set of covers 30 reps.
-3 sets LAT 12 – 10-8
-2 sets of Scott curl SZ rod

Training week 2: Chest and triceps

-1 set of KH flyer flat bench – 30 reps
-3 sets of KH flyer incline bench 12 – 10-8
-1 set heavy LH sloping bench 8-10 reps.
-2 sets of triceps press 10-8 reps.
-1 set heavy bench press with close grip or dips to the cessation of stress.

Training week 3: Legs and calves

-1 x 20 reps barbell squats
-2 sets of leg 10-8 reps.
-3 sets of calf raises standing. 12-15 reps.

Training week 4: Shoulders and trapezius

-1 set of KH lateral raises 30 reps.
-3 sets of KH lateral raise per 12-10 – 8 reps.
-1 set of heavy barbell presses back 10-8 reps.
-2 sets of shrugs 10-8 reps.

Train so that each the last 4 repetitions of a set already properly hurt, not just at the last sentence. Slightly increase the weight at each training session, but always pay attention for proper execution of movement. Slow motion, 3 seconds, 3 seconds down.

Each training day starts with a warm-up set of 30 reps, before fatigue.

How often should you train at the bodybuilding – summary

For those who do not manage to drive, but still fast less than 5 times a week in the Studio and to rebuild muscle mass anabolic steroids free There is a simple solution train less and build up stronger.

With regard to the nutrition – eat everything that is edible and is not still alive and fails (your training partner for example) and drink not less than 3 protein shakes throughout the day distributed (especially after training and before bedtime) in addition to your basic nutrition. This is the only supplement that I would necessarily recommend, everything else like Supps pre-workout, creatine, etc. remains up to friends.

Eccentric training – negative training

Think negative – benefits of eccentric exercise

negativwiederholungen-muskelaufbauThe only example of negativity also something positive in achieving your training goals causes – eccentric (negative) training.

The most bodybuilding understand for example the press movement in the bench press or the train movement in the LAT during strength training beginners see a contraction. In fact, these movements are only a part of a “complete” contraction. The just described the two exercises, movements are known commonly as the “load”phase of an exercise, more accurate than the concentric part of a movement, or even the positive contraction.

However, the other part of a repetition, such as lowering the dumbbell to bench press, chest or the called yielding the arms at the LAT, upwards as part of eccentric or negative contraction. More specifically, during a positive contraction, the muscle fibers are shortened. During the negative part of a movement, the muscle fibers are extended.

Even if you think that one Yes virtually effortless can lower the barbell in the bench press for your chest, your muscles are working but all the time and contract, even if it is only eccentric/negative. Your muscles contracted eccentrically, the weight controlled to the end position (your chest at the bench press) down to.

Why are muscles bulkier and stronger?

Now that you know what is meant by a negative contraction, we can debate why strength training makes you more muscular and powerful. The target during strength training, the skeletal muscles will be harmed by the training. Or, as I prefer to call this, it is to be a “positive harm”.

If you train hard, which causes microscopic tears in the muscle fibers. Adequate rest and appropriate diet, the muscle fibers to be repaired and can regenerate. Due to a phenomenon of adaptation, muscle fibres are thus able, at future identical loads, to carry significantly lower ” hazard ” of it. What does that mean for you?

This means, you raises positive damage of muscle tissue through the training, your muscles “repaired” is then itself, adjusts the training loads and you’re more muscular and stronger as a result. If you wish the muscles gradually increase the weights in training and put a greater burden on the muscles, it comes to new damage and new repair processes. This increase in the training loads, results in adaptation phenomena, by which you’re bulkier and stronger.

Negative training for muscle building

Now to the main point – the use of eccentric exercise to build muscles stronger and hollows.
To talk further about the Bush around; eccentric contractions provide a higher damage of muscle fibres, cause this but also a stronger growth stimulus in the recovery phase. The reason is, that during eccentric contractions, higher weights can be selected with lower participation of muscle fibers in the movement. This ensures that the individual muscle fibers will be charged more and even greater damage occurs.

You feel this damage usually as muscle soreness a day or two after a hard training session. If you ever felt sore muscles in the thigh, after you did simple things, like going down a staircase, know you what I mean.

If you could perform any eccentric contractions, you’d fall in a squat on the butt, would drop the selected weight plates at the leg extensions back friends on the weight stack or the barbell bench press on your chest.

Incorporate negative reps in the training plan

A good way to use the negative part of a repeat performance is to slow down the negative movement. You should focus on, run the negative movement slow and controlled. What I personally love to do (especially for the dumbbell flat or incline bench press), during the training I let the dumbbells slowly down, so that I can count to 4 or 5 during the movement. I come then to the breast, I press the dumbbells back explosive upward.

You will be performing this exercise not in the position to do as many reps as in a normal exercise. It makes therefore sense to take some less weight. When you run the negative movement slowly and correctly, you will feel a great strain and a brilliant pump. You’ll notice the changes in a few days.

Another way to incorporate negative reps into your training program will train together with a training partner. This allows you to selected exercises purely eccentric repetitions. You can significantly increase your usually used training weight this, as your training partner supports you in the positive contraction. So you put negative repetition a much larger load stimulus at the on the muscles.One of the best examples is the stretching of the leg on the machine. Put significantly more weight plates on the leg extensions, as you would do normally in this exercise.

Now your training partner helps you to bring the weight stack, by increasing the role with upwards to the top. Then you leave alone slowly the weight down. At the lower end, your partner helps you then again to bring the weights up. Do a total of about 6-10 repetitions, for no more than three sets. Experienced bodybuilding trainer recommended about 125% of your maximum weight for a repeat than weight. You can do a repetition E.g. in bench press 100 kg, select repeats with support your training partner 125Kg for the negative. Of them, you’re then 6-10 repetitions.

Sometimes, you can also do “forced negative reps”. You start with a standard set with E.g. 8 reps that you alone can do, the next 2-4 your training partner supports you reps, the negative movement in addition down pushing the barbell and then helps you to the lip.

But, I would recommend that you should make this exercise only as last training set for each muscle group, yet completely work out the just-trained muscle group. Remember that you can do this exercise without a training partner. Then for example just use dumbbells so that you train only with one arm, and uses the other arm to support.

The dumbbell of triceps push works super arm exercises such as the bicep in the sitting or standing and all Varitionen. In my opinion there is also still a muscle group that responds very well to negative movements and slow, controlled repetitions, the abdominal muscles. The only thing you have to do, go back slowly this abdominal exercise to the starting position, by holding a constant tension in the abdominal muscles, before the concentric motion starts again.

Negative repetitions – summary

Not overdoing it with the negative training or eccentric repetitions because a greater loss in skeletal muscle occurs in this form of training as normal and as a result a longer recovery time after such training is necessary. Who builds too many negative units in his training, risking overtraining symptoms. Also remember, if negative movements correctly and safely be carried out, you risk injury of connective tissue and muscle even by them is stretched too much.

This can be prevented by making negative reps not at every training session, or other muscle groups at each negative training unit to be trained. Who carefully integrates the eccentric training in his strength training program, might provide new muscle growth and a significant increase in strength.

Intensity training is not the same overtraining

uebertraining-bodybuildingYour training partner is an admiring Kambonde on the shoulders of friends and friends again confirms what you’ve done for a great set. Are smiling in the mirror, life is great! Then you hear someone in the background say, “Do you see the guys who’re overtrained”.You turn your back and you see one of the personal trainers with his latest protégé. Your first thoughts are a slight of your bodybuilder honor and rage. Then you notice the uncertainty in the face of the training beginner. He considers your muscle mountains and the impressive definition of your trained body.

Real results, created through months and years of hard training and appropriate nutrition. He looks to the side to his personal trainer, the arms as thick as toothpick and has an endurance ability as a sloth. Yes, this guy wants one of these “wannabe experts” be. One, which has paid the bodybuilding beginners just € 40 per hour for its services. Your thoughts change then in amusement, but also compassion for the beginners. You grin, waving to them and begin your next set

Looks this familiar to you? Unfortunately, this is a situation that occurs more often in gyms these days… It is a pity that many trainers meinende’s actually well equate high intensity training (HIT) with overtraining. They then bodybuilding beginners false information share, which will cause that the training results in many beginners are worse than they could be.

This leads newcomers in many bodybuilding to frustration, since they extensively train many ‘old’ bodybuilding veterans see with the corresponding results. The problem is that the concept of overtraining has moved more and more through articles in different mediums of bodybuilding, the focus in recent years. That has triggered a kind of paranoia among many athletes.

What exactly is overtraining?

Overtraining is the result, if you make too much of a really good thing. Those who tags out-day in training and have trained with ever-increasing volumes and deteriorating results, brought the overtraining in the public consciousness. Then five rates of the basic idea for many athletes, if three sets are good for my biceps, should be even better. So was and there are also many bodybuilders who make three to five times a week bench press.

The result, some appropriately modest to no muscle and also strength gains. The reason muscle structures were damaged by the many, densely consecutive same workouts, without having the time to regenerate itself accordingly. Many bodybuilding amateurs spread the myth, bodybuilding Pro’s 4 hours a day would have to train to achieve good results. However, as Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler have reported repeatedly that you spend every day only about 90 minutes for the training in the Studio.

What are the signs of overtraining?

If you want to know whether you’re overtrained, or only with paranoia suffer, here’s a look at the symptoms of overtraining:
-Sleep disorders
-slightly annoyed / mood
-Fatigue / lack of motivation
-Extreme muscle soreness that can last for a few days.
-Power loss
-Stagnation in the strength and muscle growth.

If you notice any of these symptoms with you, you have to not automatically conclude that it is a result of overtraining. There are many other factors that you must consider. But the over-training is a very real problem that affects many bodybuilders and you should your training plan look at why exactly, if there something should be changed.

How can you avoid an overtraining?

You can avoid an overtraining relatively easy through the following advice:
1 you should take not 1:1 the training plans of bodybuilding full professionals. Each month are blessed by Bodybuilding professionals again numerous new training programs magazines in the classic bodybuilding. Bodybuilding magazines are a great resource though, to meet new exercises to stimulate the muscles in other ways.

But who exactly makes an a professional training plan, thus not really good goes. The training plans in magazines include often too many exercises and sets for bodybuilding beginners (but also many advanced). With the exception of anabolic steroids, training, you should only as an inspiration see the training plans, but not implement in full 1:1.

2. the number of sets to not more than twelve per body part limit. The best way to implement it in practice, make the large muscle groups not more than four exercises with three sets. Too many sentences make sure that muscle is degraded and thereby the muscle growth can grind to a halt. If you do these twelve sets with the appropriate intensity, that is sufficient. If your training goal is the increase of strength, then a weight choose the friends no longer than 4-6 repetitions. The number of repetitions can be the training target weight gain between 8-10. For a strength workout you can do 12-15 reps. per exercise.

3. train each body part no more than 1-2 x a week. Ten years ago you would have heard this advice. However, recent studies have shown that after an intense, exhausting workout the muscles optimally regenerated over the course of a week. Most bodybuilders train only once weekly, twice already rarely so now every part of the body.

4. concern for adequate sleep. SAS of course easy to say, could also be done, if we all our lives and our job. Between work and family, there are many athletes who have difficulties to find time for their training. It is necessary in terms of optimal regeneration, to get 8 hours of sleep every night. The emphasis is on “required”. This is not an option. Remember, your muscles growing, while you recover and not asleep during training.

5. authorize friends downtime from training. This can be very difficult, especially if you’re extremely motivated. 2 days a week’s break from training are ever a good guideline. At the end of an intense 4-6 week cycle, should you treat friends a break from 4-6 days. The timeout is perfectly suitable to stabilize the muscle growth you have achieved, and allows your body to fully to regenerate before the next hard training cycle begins.

You should plan your downtime before before you first experience a burnout. If once is there a Burnout, it is much harder to motivate himself to start training again on BB´s new. You make a break from training, but in time you can train when returning with higher intensity, have more productive workouts and ultimately better results.

Is an overtraining in the cardio area possible?

Absolute! Any kind of physical activity can be overdone. A good rule of thumb for bodybuilders with the aim of training muscle building, each cardio exercise should take longer than approx. 45 minutes. Anything beyond results in that the body is in a catabolic state and muscle structures. You can weekly 3-4 endurance sessions in your training plan set up, if you want to reduce body fat and 2-3 units for maintaining stamina. You should train with maximum intensity (E.g. in the form of HIIT training), which brings the best results.

Intensity and paranoia

With all the focus on recovery and regeneration, there are the general opinion of many athletes, that training to high intensity with can lead to overtraining. This leads to a kind of paranoia in many less experienced bodybuilders. Nothing is even further from reality. The only reason why you should invest the time and the number of records for the cardio training limited is; so that you can train with maximum intensity.

If you’re not much more than to spool out your exercises with moderate weights, properly auspowerst you in any set, that ultimately leads to stagnation and frustration. Limit the number of times depending on the aim of training as described above and powere you in any sentence up to the limit (and sometimes with negative movements) and beyond. Perform each set look, as if it were your last, and make sure that each repetition counts.

This ensures that any single muscle fiber is required and that this creates an optimum growth stimulus for the muscles. You give the muscles then enough time for regeneration, nothing more in the way is a distinct muscle and strength gains as a result of this adaptation phenomena.

Thus, no ambiguities arise; It is going to hurt after each training session, if you train correctly. This should be gone but after 1-2 days, even if you’re new to the bodybuilding.

Overtraining – a summary

The overtraining is a real threat to your training progress in bodybuilding. If you follow the guidelines in my article but, then the chances are slim that you will be afflicted by an overtraining syndrome. And fall into not the mistaken belief in terms of intensity. If any a wannabe something else will tell you bodybuilders from your Studio, watching friends on its exterior and friends thinking “I want to look so like the type?”. I guarantee you that you will choose in most cases as answer a ‘no’.

It’s already sad how many “pseudo experts” without any athletic or technical background, give incorrect comments. You try to convince people through fear and intimidation. Best, you simply ignore such types. A few months later, when you can reap the rewards of your training in the form of a good muscle building and impressive General physique, these guys have still their sad figure that you already had, as they fully wanted to talk to you.

HIIT workouts and fat burning

Why is so much fat burned when the HIIT workouts?

hiit-intervall-trainingI want to more cardio in my training plan build up, especially the HIIT workouts.
Can I make my dreams come true in terms of body fat reduction with the HIIT workouts?

Well, I’m not sure whether your dreams become a reality, that other factors, including in particular the diet are crucial. With the HIIT workouts you bring the body but what about fat burning, the fast lane. If you correctly do cardio training, endurance training then you can at only 30 minutes a day, burn a lot of calories. The lack of time for training, so is no excuse.

Intervals with different speed or intensity in general are the main concept that is behind the HIIT workouts. One of the most important points, do not allow your body to get used to a level of intensity.

You can do interval training with many different exercises: sprints or jumping rope, treadmill, Cross Trainer, bike Ergometer or jogging and biking at the fresh air. You can use even a punching bag. The key, go for the high-intensity intervals on your limits and then reduce your heart rate at the intervals with low intensity.

Note however that for example a Sprint on a treadmill with a gradient of 6% is riskier than regular jogging at a lower pace. So was always focused during your HIIT training units. This challenging training method requires constant concentration, both your mind and your body.

HIIT training is super effective

What makes it so effective as a fat burner the HIIT, is the fact that it needs of the body also ensures a greater oxygen after training (in English: post-oxygen consumption, or EPOC short). A study by Jeffrey W. King from East Tennessee State University showed that the rate of metabolism for the next 24 hours, well above the normal level was after a HIIT workout.

What does this mean for fat burning? The fat burning party is also after your training is still is not over – further burned and burned and…!

Another study by M. Sánchez Pacheco in rats that had to perform high intensity actions showed that it lost significantly more fat than rats that had to perform only actions with low intensity. The animals that had to work with 80-90% of their maximum heart rate, lost significantly more body fat than rats that had to work only with 60-70% of their maximum heart rate.

In terms of endurance, many studies showed that long-lasting stamina units such as for example long distance can provide for muscle catabolism (muscle breakdown). While this muscle loss can stop running sometimes up to 7 days after a long session of endurance such as such as a marathon.

The HIIT workouts on the other hand can the movement speed, power, stamina and metabolic improve performance and make sure that body fat can be burned faster.
Athletes integrate always a HIIT into their training plan, because it has proved to improve the overall athletic performance.

I myself use HIIT throughout the year to maintain my form and to improve. For an optimal effect in terms of fat burning, a HIIT workout should be performed at least 3 x a week. To avoid injury, always with a Warm-Up start and after the end of the intensive training sessions, a cool-down followed.

Because you burn quite a few calories in a short time and vulnerable for the formation of spasm, you should watch a proper hydration. Drink plenty of water so both before, during and after your HIIT workout.

Examples for HIIT training units:

1. treadmill or outdoor: Alternately 100 m Sprint, 200 m walking (total 30 min.)
2. jump rope: 90sek. Jumping rope, 3 min. break (30 min.)
3. punching bag: 1 min. punch, 2 min break (30 min.)

On bicycle ergometers and cross trainers, you can very well use the already pre-programmed interval programs. Train with heart rate monitor. The intense intervals, can the pulse on 80-90% of the maximum pulse rate (220-age = 100% as a rule of thumb) to rise and should be % reduced then at rest again to 60-70.


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Massive arms with 6 exercises – training plan

If you want to train on arms friends, who have both mass, shape and definition, then you must spend no hours in the Studio. 30 min arm training with my training plan, lets you reaping the results of months in 2-3 and be happy about freaky arms.bizepscurl

Due to the different approaches of the muscle, breakpoints and the different length of biceps and triceps, you can address each muscle head targeted solely by changing the position of the arm and rotating your wrists. Because the arm muscles with virtually all other upper body exercises is more or less mitbelastet, needed a little specialization, the perhaps now more flabby arms to turn into trained legs.

In my article, you will learn how you can apply different training techniques to develop balanced and muscular arms. You can do 3 exercise pairs, Super sets a combination of triceps and biceps exercises.

Starting with a few heavy basic exercises with low repetitions, you can, and then go over to arm exercises in the higher repetition range for the muscle hypertrophy (muscle growth). The arm exercises will claim not much time, but it’s all contained what is important to build perfect size and shape for biceps and triceps.

Test the following arm training plan and see what impact the Super sets with you.

Super set 1: Narrow bench press / Chin-Ups (pull-ups with underhand grip)

4 sets of 5 reps
1 narrow bench press: in my opinion there is no better exercise for a thick build strong triceps, as narrow bench press. This exercise is often used by power hoists, more to demand the Extensors. PowerEdge 5 reps out and then immediately switch to the Chin-Ups.After a short break after the Chin-Ups (approx. 40 50sek.), you’re the next set of narrow bench press. Increase the weight from set to set, so that all you get out of your last sentence.

2 Chin-Ups (pull-ups with underhand grip): also if Chin-ups are a back exercise, EMG (electromyogram) demonstrated studies, that the supinierte handle (beneath) leads the biceps to a strong exercise participation, especially of the short head of the biceps. You can use a band as support or any special Chinning belt which makes more difficult the Chin-Ups.

Super record 2: Dips / barbell curl (NIB)

3 sets of 10 repetitions
1. triceps dips: when you correctly perform dips, then they are perfectly suited to build a massive triceps. Ideally you’ll use a dips station with v-shaped handles. This allows you, the grip width to vary, but you can do the exercises with any normal dips station. To effectively make the dips, you must use have an additional weight when something fortgeschrittenerem on training condition. You can connect E.g. a dumbbell between your feet, use chains, or using a dip belt you can equip with weight plates. Beautiful your shoulders, by letting them not fall below the level of the elbow.

2. barbell curl (NIB): if you attack the barbell not from below but from the top, then you take some tension out of the long head of the biceps. You can test this by anwinkelst your right arm up to 90 degrees and then put your left hand on your right biceps. Turn now your right arm wrist, so that the Palm of the hand facing down and feel the voltage change in the biceps. When the bicep with high grip, the Brachialis and Brachioradialis is strained. There is little other points which so impress with a body Builder as a thicker brachial wide protruding tip under the biceps.

Super Pack 3: triceps KH overhead press / incline bench KH biceps curl

3 sets of 15 reps
1 triceps press KH overhead: addressed this triceps exercise over the head, especially the long head of the triceps. To do this either standing or sitting a dumbbell with both hands, access and upward stretch over the head, upper arms vertically fix the overhead.Athletes with problems with his elbow, the exercise can run even a one-armed man, alternately. So, a better movement execution is possible.

2 incline bench KH biceps curl: this biceps exercise where one is on the incline bench, are the arms behind the plane of the body. This stretched the long head of the biceps and therefore more charged. Because parts of the biceps also contribute to rotate the wrist, I like to start at the beginning of the movement with a hammer handle and then rotate the wrist angles of the arms.

HRT training – without a training partner

hrt-hanteltrainingBright raiser training (HRT) without a training partner? No problem. Use the following variation of the hell raiser training, this works without a training partner and your muscles go through hell.

If you have ever training have tested the Hell Raiser, you know that it’s a Sprint through hell for you and a happy workout partners. But I know that there are many bodybuilders who train for a wide variety of reasons alone, without a training partner and have refused so far always on the HRT training. Therefore I for all alone users have developed a solo version of the HRT training.

The Hellraiser training, the so-called “Hellcentrics” uses, has become one of the most popular bodybuilding world partner training programs. Which is why? Because it works and the successes are gigantic.

However, a training partner is required for the original HRT. Some of you have been asking, “Tom, what I should do if I don’t have a partner?”. OK, I’ve developed for those who want a training partner have or not – a very effective solo version of Hellraiser training.Unlike in the HRT with his Hellcentrics, no minimum 2 years training experience is needed, also not as fit training partner. You can start immediately with the HRT solo training.

HRT solo training – in the hell alone

The solo HRT training is a combination of regular repetitions with negative movements. Each exercise starts with 8 regular reps, followed by 6 long negative movements. At the 6 negative repetitions, you lower the weight approx. 5sec. AB. Count out loud to 5 to get a feel for how long that will take.

If you are doing flat bench press barbell and the negative part of the movement, you let the weight slowly at the count to 5 down up to the chest, before hitting it back upwards. Although you have not the additional resistance, a Trainingspartne can generate by pressing on the barbell. No matter, gravity provides resistance for massive the negative part of the movements.

HRT solo exercise summary

2 sets per 8 + 6 repeated… in all the exercises:
4 sets total for all smaller muscle groups
6 sets for all major muscle groups

Example exercises

Presses back sitting (machine)
8 reps (60-80% 1Wdh.) – focus on the positive part
6 reps (60-80% reps) – focus on the negative motion

Barbell curl
8 reps (60-80% 1Wdh.) – focus on the positive part
6 reps (60-80% reps) – focus on the negative motion

Barbell bench press
8 reps (60-80% 1Wdh.) – focus on the positive part
6 reps (60-80% reps) – focus on the negative motion

I have developed the HRT solo training, so you can use it without a training partner for you, but not half-heartedly go up on the training. You constantly push through the whole program. If you feel insecure without a training partner in the bench press, use a machine, where you still can place the weight, if you can no longer make the repetition. If you’re training on the flat bench with Safety Rack. You get problems during the movement, you can place the weight yet.

During the solo training of HRT, have a training partner who saves your ass, so select the weights wisely. Choose a weight where you know that you can do comfortably 8 reps. At any rate, it is important to fully complete them, as having to cancel.

HRT hell solo training 1

Shoulder press front (seated front press)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Dumbbell lateral raise (dumbbell side lateral raise)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Barbell front raise (barbell front raise)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Barbell curl (barbell curl)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Reverse LH curl (reverse barbell curl)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

LH reverse wrist curl (reverse barbell wrist curl)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

LH wrist curl (barbell wrist curl)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

HRT hell solo training 2

Leg press (leg press)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Hackenschmidt machine (hack squat)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Leg extensions (leg extensions)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Hackenschmidt M. reversed (reverse hack squat)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Leg lying (lying leg curls)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

HRT hell solo training 3

Negative bench press (decline bench press)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Flat bench press (flat bench press)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Incline bench press (incline bench press)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

LH lying triceps press (barbell skull crushers)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

KH seated triceps press (seated dumbbell triceps extension)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

HRT hell solo training 4

LAT wide grip (wide-grip LAT pulldown)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Rowing sitting (seated rows)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

T-bar rowing (T-bar row)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Barbell of shrugs (barbell shrug)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Bent above shoulder lifting (rear Delt raises)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Seated calf raises (seated calf raise)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

On the leg press calf raises (calf extensions on leg press)
2 sets per 8 reps + 6 negatives

Shoulder workout – weight gain for the shoulder muscles

schulter-military-pressWhat the head sits is one of the most important parts of the body for a bodybuilder. Impressive shoulders bring out the body of a bodybuilder better overall, when he’s on stage. Every bodybuilder wants to like broad shoulders with muscle heads around like a basketball. However, I believe that one must live unfortunately generally with what was given one. The genetic requirements play a large role in the development of the shoulder muscles. I personally had always been wide shoulders, had to work but extremely hard, that they’ve got this full, round appearance.

In recent months, the shoulder muscles for me was the part of the body, in which I have invested most of the work. After three Championships and the fourth which is imminent, I feel that my shoulder development there is where I would like to have it now. The shortcomings that I had at the shoulders, have cost me my last Championships. I was much harder and deeper cuts than the guy who won, but he had a more rounded look, the judges like to see especially in the shoulder area.

I have divided my shoulder workout in the three basics: front, side and rear shoulder muscles/trapezius. For these three shoulders, I choose appropriate movements, to achieve the muscle development, which brings me to the stage all the way forward. I am of the opinion that there still par excellence is not the program from exercise science, to achieve a good shoulder development really.Integrate all three shoulder areas but in the training plan, then you will see to with, as put in the shoulders.

Let me explain as clear as possible. First, the front shoulder muscles: military press, presses back and front lifting should be on the training plan. Here you can train with barbell and dumbbells. Quite personally, I believe that there is no better exercise than the long dumbbell press while standing. Do you train not only the shoulder muscles, but also the muscle groups that are responsible for the hull stabilization, because they need to stabilize the body during movement.

Next comes off the lateral muscles of the shoulder: lateral raise is called. Whether sitting or standing, both movements ensure that the shoulder muscles to the side is rounded off nicely. It’s extremely important that the movement is running correctly. It is not difficult to train, if you perform the movement with momentum with heavy weights. While everything else is not properly trained but then only the shoulder muscles. Over the years I learned, specifically to reduce the weight on the lateral raise.

Put the whole focus on the shoulders and let them do the work. If you did once a few correct sentences, then you can something increase the weight and the movement is easily abfälschent. That’s o. k., but you should make sure that you previously did correct sentences by the movement. One of my favorite exercises is the lateral raise while seated. Since the focus is really on the shoulders and if the exercise is done correctly, you can forge off these hard while sitting.

At the end remains still the rear shoulder muscle and the trapezius. You can train a bent-over the rear shoulder muscles, but also in the standing. You can train the trapezius with a movement that is standing or seated. The rear shoulders and the trapezius are also a trademark for a well developed body builder for me. It looks already very unreal, if you can see a professional bodybuilder from behind and it looks as if a dinosaur leaps out of his shirt. Have you ever seen a Johnnie Jackson up close? The guy has a gigantic trapezius, reaching almost up to his ears. I’ve seen him a year on the Arnold Classics and couldn’t believe my eyes.

You can train your rear shoulder muscle and the trapezius in different ways: bent forward lateral raise, butterfly inverted, on the cable, neck lifting with dumbbells or short and upright rowing. During my college time, one of my favorite exercises was the “hang cleans”.An exercise from the weight lifting the barbell from hanging position is converted explosive. The exercise will include the leg muscles, lower back, and the trapezius mobilized many muscle groups. I can guarantee you, if you want to build the trapezius really bulky, then you should integrate with this exercise in your shoulder training. Neglect not the training of the rear shoulder muscles also. She should have first priority with you. I can still remember that I’ve seen a training video before not too long with Jose Raymond, in which he once again stressed how important is training the back shoulder.

Sure, the offseason is the best time to build mass in the shoulder muscles. If you are running competition in terms of bodybuilding, then the training of the next Championship should affect positive placement. Then, you’re so tough that you can see all the incisions in the shoulder muscles, separating the different muscle heads.You should put together even more different shoulder exercises. You can’t front tire for example the shoulder lateral raises and leaned forward lateral raise and then do exercises as it presses back. In the early years, when I started training, I had to shoulder training always begin with a pressing exercise, but now that I was older and more experienced, I like to begin with the lateral raise. In some shoulder workouts, there is no pressing exercise at all and I’m just lateral raises, bent forward lateral raise and neck lifting. I am of the opinion that these variations have a large proportion of my positive development of shoulder. Below a few different workout routines that I’ve used currently or in the past:

Shoulder training plan #1:
Standing Barbell Press (barbell press standing): 3 sets x 10-6 reps.
Seated behind the neck Smith Press (presses back sitting on the machine): 3 sets x 8 reps.
Standing Dumbbell Side laterals (dumbbell lateral raise standing): 4 sets x 10 reps.
Bent Over Dumbbell Rear laterals (bent-over dumbbell lateral raise): 4 sets x 10 reps.

Shoulder training plan #2:
Seated dumbbell Press (press seated dumbbell): 3 sets x 10-6 reps.
Seated Dumbbell Side laterals (dumbbell lateral raise sitting): 4 sets x 10-8 reps.
Standing barbell front raise (barbell front raise standing): 3 sets x 10-8 reps.
Dumbbell shrugs (dumbbell of shrugs): 3 sets x 10 reps.

Shoulder training plan #3
Standing Machine Side laterals (lateral raise standing at the machine): 4 sets x 10-8 reps.
Seated dumbbell front raises (dumbbell front raise sitting): 3 sets x 10 reps.
Reverse PEC fly (butterfly inverted): 4 sets x 10 reps.
Barbell upright rows (barbell rowing standing): 3 sets x 10 reps.

These are just a few sample training plans for the shoulder. As I’ve mentioned before, start your shoulder training even more often with a lateral movement and end your training with press exercises like the presses back. As with other muscle groups you can install in addition also now and again drop – and Super sets in your training.

Personal training: effective and goal-oriented training

personaltraining-kasselMore than half of Germans are overweight. So obesity has become in recent years the number 1 widespread disease. And not only in Germany, but all over the world. But everyone can do something against the extra pounds and thus for his health with effective and targeted training. A professional training with a personal trainer can help here.

What exactly is personal training?

Many people know the term personal training mainly from the United States and the world of stars and starlets. Again and again you read in the magazines, as an actor or a model could improve his character and his fitness by training with a personal trainer.

Basically personal training means nothing else than that direct 1:1 with a qualified personal trainer working on the own fitness: no matter whether you want to loose weight, wants to sculpt his body or build but also muscle. Because that is the Special: personal training is always individual and extremely flexible. The training program is tailored to the needs of the individual, so that very quickly and effectively the training objective can be achieved. And even outside of training sessions with a personal trainer, there are tips and advice on what you can change in everyday and keep in mind, to achieve his personal goals quickly.

For whom is personal training?

Personal training is suitable for anyone who wants to improve his fitness. This applies to the overweight Manager as well as for the housewife who wants to replace her figure after the birth of their children in form and also for the athlete who wants to prepare for a competition or simply want to improve his form.

What makes it so effective personal training?

Staff training, to train directly and exclusively with the personal trainer. All individually. Training program and diet plan are tailored tailored to the needs. This always the goal of the training is at the heart of training.

In addition, training with a personal trainer offers even more advantages. You have a competent contact person to the page, which can be a personnel training, valuable training and nutrition tips and, you can incorporate the training with a personal trainer located in everyday life, because you are bound to opening hours or fixed course times.

How exactly does the personal training?

Personal training is always individual. The training depends on the user and according to the respective target. Components of the training can be including strength training, endurance training, flexibility training, and coordination training. It is self-evident that the training plan of an untrained Manager looks different than that of an ambitious athlete who wants to prepare for a competition.

How do I find the right personal trainer?

Recently, the TÜV Rheinland tests also personal trainer. Only personal trainer, that meet certain criteria and pass the exams, get the valuable TÜV certificate. Choosing the right personal trainer, the certificate represents an important decision-making aid.

Christina then by personal fitness Kassel is the first TÜV-certified personal trainer in the area of Kassel and surroundings. Only last year, the young and committed personal trainer from Kassel did independent personal fitness Kassel with her own company and since then has become a real high-flyer among the staff trainers in Kassel and surroundings. In addition to the classic personal training special programmes include as Mama’s fitness, BuggyFit, outdoor training, functional training, brain fitness training and nutrition counseling to offer personal fitness trainer Christina then and their company staff fitness Kassel.